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Our aerial teams work hand in hand with directors and directors of photography while on set in order to provide the unique vantage points that only a drone can accomplish, enhancing their ability to tell a story and increase production value with each and every flight. Powered by the latest and most reliable technology in our industry. From full cinema packages to wireless control.

ALTA 8 - State of the art heavy lift system designed to lift cinema cameras like the RED and ALEXA Mini with anamorphic or zoom lenses. Includes complete zoom, focus, and iris control.

Inspire 2 X7 - The most versatile drones in the industry. The X7 camera is a compact Super 35 camera provides 14 stops of dynamic range and records up to 6k in CinemaDNG and RAW.


We have partnered with our friends at Hover Global in El Segundo CA to offer the Motocrane Ultra. The most versatile and portable remote arm in the world.  Built to take a beating, it has the capability to mount to literally any vehicle you can think of, trucks, cars, utv’s, boats, you name it, we can mount it up. Weighing in at only 190 lbs (390 lbs full weighted) the whole system can travel as checked luggage.  The arm length is 12 feet, has 360 pan and capable of carrying up to 55 lbs payloads. The Motocrane Ultra comes with professional grade Dual Stick Arm console for precision operation of swing and lift axes. The Ultra can easily accommodation the Freefly MOVI XL, MOVI Pro, MOVI Carbon, Shotover G1 and Ronin 2 stabilized heads.  Save money and time with other “Russian Arm” style systems with our competitive pricing, scalable crews and the ability to travel worldwide with this incredible package.

Speeds up to 100 mph

All wheel drive

Seating for 5

Integrated video monitoring for director, AC, arm and camera ops

Wireless headsets for critical in car communication

Wireless HD video broadcast capabilities

Fully wrapped matte black

Equipped with truck and trailer for easy transport anywhere in the USA


Our Flowcine Black Arm pursuit packages have been custom designed to highly portable systems capable of executing pursuit style shooting anywhere in the world.  Utilizing the Flowcine Black Arm 3 axis stabilizer along with one of our Freefly Systems Gimbals we can custom tailor a price effective package for any stabilized tracking and pursuit production needs. Best of all the framework for all our systems is based off industry standard speed rail and can be rigged and modified extremely easy.


Lightweight, weather resistant, gyro-stabilized gimbal platforms like the Shotver G1, Ronin 2 and Movie Pro that delivers unshakable stability with ultimate functionality.

Gyro-stabilized gimbal system

Wireless video downlink

SHOTOVER FI+Z with lens motors

Remote camera control (RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Phantom) 

Advanced payload balancing system

360 degree continuous pan

Auto or steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market

Wired or wireless control

Open platform design allows for the integration of new cameras and lenses as they come to market




We have the newest Cinema Cameras available for rent and at Indie friendly prices. Choose the best camera for your production needs. Take a look at our star cameras and their rental packages: ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Amira, RED Epic-W, RED Weapon Helium and RED Weapon Monstro RED DSMC2 Gemini. You can also create your own camera package. Give us a call today and we can custom spec and source you're perfect setup!



Rent the perfect cinema camera lenses for your film production requirements. We have the best rental prices on the market. We have all the brands but these are our client’s favorites: ARRI / ZEISS Master Primes, ARRI / ZEISS Master Anamorphics, Kowa Evolution Anamorphics, Kowa Prominar Anamorphics, Zeiss MKIII Superspeeds, Angenieux Zoom Lenses, and Fujinon Cabrio Zoom Lenses. Tokina Vista Primes, Cannon Cine Primes, Atlas Anamorphics.



Rent the best film equipment for your production needs at the best rental prices. We have a wide variety of accessories to make your filmmaker’s life easier, such as: Teradek 3000, Arri WCU-4, Arri Skypanels, Filter Sets, Director's Monitors and more.

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