The Pre
First and foremost, we figure out a plan of attack for showcasing your tech baby. We break down the finer details of how it works, how it is meant to be used, and why it will enhance people’s lives irreversibly. We’ll come up with a game plan: write some possible ideas and hone in on the right one with our creative team and yourself. Next, we will break down the details and figure out exactly what resources we need moving forward. We will then turn this idea into a script that maps out exactly what will be done in order to bring your tech baby to life.
The Action
Now that all of the groundwork is laid down, it’s time to start spinning the tale that you are trying to tell! We take our production crew that features a very talented and diversified group of filmmakers, scout all the right locations and cast all the right people, and we shoot the heck out of your video with the same equipment that can be found on a Hollywood set!
The Post
The footage has been captured and its time for us to go hole up in our studio and to breathe life into the footage! We use cutting edge software, all of the hollywood grade visual effects, and even create the music and put it all together to give you a kickass video! There is always some level of back and forth between our team and our clients and we work around the clock to make sure that the video turns out exactly how our client envisioned it to be.
The Delivery
Your video is done but we are not. What’s the point in creating a visual marvel if there is no one to see it? We figure out the best strategy and the right tools to make sure that your video gets distributed like wildfire. Leave it to us to help create your social content that comes along with your video and let’s get it out there!